Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tsunami Warning

Beware people.

Earthquake 8.7 magnitude at Banda Acheh.

Initial tsunami wave prediction arrival times:

1. Georgetown - 09:11pm 11th April 2012 MY Time
2. Port Dickson - 02:10am 12th April 2012 MY Time
3. Singapore - 07:51am 12th April 2012 MY Time
Doa elak musibah dan bencana. Mari berdoa bersama-sama.


Ya Allah, lindungilah saudara-saudara kami di Acheh, keluarga kami, sahabat-sahabat kami dari bencana tsunami ini Ya Allah.

Sign of Tsunami will be arrived-Phuket

. Hope we all safe and especially to our friends in the area nearest with the earthquake.
I'm touched indeed

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