Sunday, April 8, 2012



Its been a long time I'm not updating my blog. Finally, changes have been made to my blog style. As you see no more polka dot. Haha! Using only simple blog template. Its satisfying me and maybe presenting me as a girl who matured enough now. Hahaa!

Little bit busy, i'm continuing my study in UiTM, doing master of Geographic Information Sciences(GIS). Life changes, spending whole day at room finishing all the assignments, presentation, lab works, etc.Then, attending class at night on weekdays. Saturday, spending the day at site doing practical session, collecting data. Fully recovered (i mean rest) only on Sunday. Huhu

Only for one year waiting, then i will start collecting money from my own salary(hopefully!). Little bit jealousy to my ex-collages cause they have their own salary for now on. Forget it, next time is my turn. Nothing much to say, just wish me luck!

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